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    Calories, calories, calories. They are those evil monsters that haunt you no matter where you go. They are in everything you eat, and if you do not watch what you eat carefully, or find an effective way to burn them, weight gain is the result.


    There are many ways to burn these monsters, however, if you want to lose weight before you have to use a cane to walk, you need to find an activity that burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time. Boxing is that activity.


    Boxing Misconceptions


    Boxing offers a number of health benefits aside from the number of calories you can burn in one hour. However, the misconceptions associated with boxing gyms may stop you from joining one of these classes. You may imagine a group of sweaty, beastly thugs who look like they are going to rip you in half. Here is the truth: boxers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are genuine, and regardless of their muscle mass, they sincerely want to help you, not hurt you.Get additional information at eddineacademy.


    Another misconception is the atmosphere of the gym itself. You may picture a run down building with saw dust and spit covering the floor. Truth: the gym you take your classes in are clean facilities minus the sweat dripping on the floor. And although boxing does require a bit of aggression, whether you are training for actual fights or as a means of exercise, the foundation of the sport is to learn self-control and discipline.


    Boxing Versus Other Exercises


    Before discussing how you burn more calories with boxing, you need to see the comparison between calories burned in one hour with boxing versus various aerobic exercises. All of these calories burned are within the same time frame of one hour. They are also based on the same weight, which does determine how many calories you burn. For this example, the average weight is 155 pounds.


    A person weighing this amount will burn 900-1100 calories boxing and sparring. The same person can burn 493 calories using a stationary bike and cycling at a moderate pace. Playing tennis also burns 493, while walking uphill burns 422 calories. Vigorous weight lifting burns 422 calories, as does wrestling.


    What you should keep in mind is that you must burn 3,500 calories per week to lose 1 pound; this averages 500 calories per day. The amount of calories you burn boxing for one hour definitely surpasses the amount you need to burn 1 pound per week.


    Boxing Is So Beneficial


    Boxers are known as some of the most elite athletes in the world. They have great endurance and some of the hardest bodies known to man. There is a reason for this, and that is their training regimen. It is this regime that burns so many calories in an hour.




    For those who are training to actually participate in fights, a typical day of training includes a morning run followed by an afternoon at the gym. Here they will shadow box, do various heavy bag drills, jump rope and focus on mitt work. A few days of the week they will take part in conditioning training such as sit-ups, push-ups and weight lifting.



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